This is my Philosophy

I have recently read a few design and inspiration articles that have resonated so strongly with my ideas about design, and myself as a designer, that I decided to take note of my own interpretations. My portfolio does little to tell you about who I really am, but here I endeavour to fill in that gap by defining five principles that I believe are fundamental to my ability to design.


It may not seem very relevant to my ability to design, but because honesty is very important to me as a person, it naturally plays a role in my interactions with clients and team members. To me, being honest is a way of showing respect. In my work, that translates into doing my absolute best to meet expectations, requirements, and deadlines.


Being humble probably isn’t the first thing you expected me to talk about in a portfolio, but I strongly believe that design is never about me. Every project has a client and an audience, and everything I create is for them. Austin Knight’s article “Good Design Is Humble” resonated so strongly with me, that it inspired the existence of these principles as my “philosophy.”


Buzzword or not, collaboration is something I have always loved. I’m not talking to white board brainstorming sessions, but simply working together. Doing whatever I can to make the lives of my team members easier. Whether that’s helping with content population, creating training documents, or pretty much anything else I am capable of helping with.


It would be pretty tough to stay in this industry without an interest in staying up to date on new technology and trends. I consider myself lucky to have an avid curiosity that is constantly pestering me. I love experimenting and trying new techniques, styles, applications. Inspiration websites and books excite me like a 5-year-old at a birthday party. Ask me about my never-ending book list (and this design book list has ensured that I will never run out of books to read).


We all get in a rut sometimes and I am no exception. The best way for me to tackle that is to create challenges. Sometimes that’s setting an earlier deadline than is required, or imposing a new spec on a project. Other times it’s turning a mundane project into something that could be some of my best work yet. Seeing other artists create beautiful, amazing things inspires me to push myself to do more; to create to the best of my ability. Some of the things blowing my mind lately are Stromae’s Papaoutai, Animals by Jeremy Edelblut, and this video by Daniel Sax.