Orientation Manual

Training Document

Generally a boring read, manuals are little more than skimmed — in the best scenarios. I determined to change that with this Orientation Manual by making it a more enjoyable read, changing only the layout and aesthetics.

The Brief

Created during my internship with Bell Mobility, this Orientation Manual started as a lengthy Word document explaining what a new intern should expect from their tenure. I was tasked with making the document more aesthetically pleasing.

Orientation Manual Icons

The Process

Asked to make the document look good, I decided to take it a step further and make it appear shorter and more enjoyable to read. I added images to break up the text, and dispersed the FAQs throughout the document.

Orientation Manual Sketches

The Result

The manual has a much lighter feel to it, displaying at a glance what a new intern should expect from their time at Bell Mobility – exponential growth, a welcoming team and new friends, and broadened career prospects.

Orientation Manual Welcome page
Orientation Manual Careers page
Orientation Manual FAQ Page
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