Responsive Website

The previous website for The Lighthouse was a desktop-only e-commerce CMS. Except the e-commerce side of it didn’t work, making things very confusing for customers. We simplified the website, creating a responsive, static website with the essential information customers need.

The Brief

The objective of this project was to design and build a temporary static website to showcase sales and promotions, and provide customers with basic information about the business and locations. Knowing that e-commerce would be a complex challenge, but the old site was confusing and outdated for customers.

Lighthouse Icon

The Process

With a relatively small list of requirements for this website, I chose a very simple aesthetic that would build on the brand image and representation. Hand-coded on the Materialize front-end framework, I continue to iterate on this website as I learn and grow in my development skills.

Lighthouse Highlights Page

The Result

The website has now been simplified and is quite small, so users will have no difficulty finding the information they need. The home page brings them to various sales and promotions, as well as the ‘weekly highlights’. They can quickly access the ‘about’ information, as well as locations and store hours. The website is now responsive, accessible, and presents a stronger brand for this small business.

Lighthouse Contact Page
F2N Website Orientation Manual