Kid's Television

Responsive Websites

Five websites for kid’s television channels; Family Channel, F2N, CHRGD, Family Jr., and Télémagino. Each website has vast advertising and content requirements that needed to be accommodated in a new, responsive design and experience.

The Brief

When I came into this project as the Junior Designer, there were four, desktop-only websites that needed a complete brand overhaul and mobile-first approach to grow and appeal to their audiences. Due to tight deadlines, we needed to design and architect the websites concurrently with the re-branding process and development.

Family Homepage
Family Schedule
Family Videos Page
Family Video Play Page

The Process

Along with the Senior Designer, a significant amount of time was spent in research and experimentation. Our biggest challenge was maintaining a content-first website, while meeting advertising requirements. We worked with stakeholders from across the company, learning about the branding that would be created and new content, as well as educating them on responsive design. We collaborated with developers to ensure design and aesthetic concepts would not effect the website performance or risk missing deadlines. In addition, we worked with content coordinators to ensure we were giving content types the correct hierarchy.

Family Jr Homepage
Family Jr Navigation
Family Show Page

The Result

The five websites have been built on Wordpress, all with the same layouts (for consistency and development/content maintenance efficiency), but with flexible blocks of content which have corresponding advertising. Each website is responsive so users can access games, videos, contests and so much more on any device.

F2N Homepage
F2N Show Landing Page
F2N Leave Warning
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