Single-Page Website

F2N is a new block of programming airing on the Family Channel. Geared towards teens, the new brand is fun and playful. To promote the launch of the new brand, a single-page website was a fun project I had the opportunity to work on.

The Brief

With the small team on this project, we were asked to create something very simple and quick to promote the launch of F2N. After seeing the fun branding and knowing that the audience would be teens, I challenged myself to create something that would be simple for our developer to implement, while being fun and eye-catching for users.

F2N Logo

The Process

I played with a few fun concepts with the logo and hero area of the page. We had a range of textures that accompanied the logo and I knew I wanted to display more than one. So I made an animated gif of the logo, with the background cycling through the bright textures.

F2N Video Player

The Result

The landing page showcased the brand in a playful way, boasted fun video content, and promoted new shows — all while staying consistent to the aesthetic feel and experience of the full website which would replace it.

F2N Mobile
F2N Desktop
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