Growth Design Coaching

Providing support for growth designers for any stage of the funnel and any stage of their journey

Core Focus

Whether you’re a new designers or an experienced designer transitioning into growth, I’m here to help! There is so much content out there on growth hacking and tactics, but we’re sorely lacking support for designers in growth. With my nine years of product design experience, three of those in growth, you don’t need to figure it out alone. These are the basics offered across different experience and team types.

Mix & Match

We’ll personalize our session(s) to your your exact situation to get the most value out of our time. Each team and company is going to have different cultures in regards to growth, so we’ll tailor our sessions based on how much access you have to data, the size of your team, your design experience, and more.

💡 Growth mindset

📈 Data-driven design

🧪 Experimentation

🪴 Transitioning to growth

I'm pretty good at what I do

Take my teammates' word for it

Alicia is very encouraging and insightful. She has a lot of amazing past experience that she always brings to the table. Every time we meet I feel more and more confident in my work and my career.

Whether it be written or oral, Alicia's feedback is always encouraging, thoughtful and critical. She really takes time to go over everything and it shows!

Overall Alicia has been great. I was a bit nervous to have the chat with her but I'm really glad I did. She's a great resource and I'm excited to continue receiving feedback from her!

Get Started

Free and commitment-free, book a 30-minute intro session below to discuss your goals and how I can help. After the session we’ll both assess fit and I’ll propose a custom plan and pricing for you.