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Hi! I'm Alicia,

a product and growth design leader who enjoys side quests in front-end development and data analysis


My values are placed before my work because they take priority over the output of what I do each day. Take a peak to learn about what drives me, or skip down to the work below.

๐Ÿ’› Empathy
๐Ÿ™Œ Collaboration
๐Ÿคฒ Humility
๐Ÿ‘‚ Servant Leadership

Team Insights

Funnel stage: Retention
Project type: ExperimentData Visualization


Additional value can be created for team leads by showing changes in team sentiment and morale over time.

Parabol Insights
screenshot of health check statsscreenshot of top templates card

Parabol Checkout & Organization Settings

Funnel Stage: Monetization
Project type: Information Architecture


Improving the checkout experience will increase the amount of self-serve conversions.

screenshot of plans
screenshot of credit card fieldsscreenshot of billing lead settings

Ad-Hoc Teams

Funnel stage: Expansion
Project type: Experiment


Creating a team from within the meeting settings will make it easier for users to create new teams.

Team creation modal

Quotes from Colleagues

Alicia spots gaps and fills them. It makes me feel that she'll be there for me/us when she's needed. I feel supported by her.

Although a self-professed introvert, Alicia is incredibly good at rallying people together towards a goal or mission. And not just other designers. Iโ€™ve seen her successfully motivate and guide cross-functional teams made up of developers, devops, designers, and marketers โ€“ helping everyone come together, understand each othersโ€™ perspectives, and reach company goals.

Alicia's feedback is always on point and encourages me to think more deeply about aspects of my work. I know I can rely on her to engage deeply when giving feedback vs just glancing over something on a surface level.

Whenever Alicia shares work she does with sufficient clarity and humility, two skills that are important for every designer to master. She knows the right questions to ask to test her assumptions, and she can back her design choices with data and research.