This is my Portfolio

This is some of my best work and it’s the one time you’ll see me blatantly show off. The visuals are one thing, but read through and you’ll see the skills and the challenges that were overcome are worth just as much – if not more – than the end results.

Kids Television Websites

Kids Television

Five websites for kid’s television channels; Family Channel, F2N, CHRGD, Family Jr, and Télémagino. Each website has vast advertising and content requirements that needed to be accommodated in a new, responsive design and experience.

Recommend Rhino App

Recommend Rhino

A hypothetical mobile application, Recommend Rhino is a restaurant finder designed to be a more friendly and playful way to search for places to eat and spend time with friends. The goal of the app is to suggest restaurants based on a knowledge of the users preferences and past experiences.

F2N Landing Page


A single-page website promoting a new programming block on Family Channel

Let Freedom Reign Bags

Let Freedom Reign

A new small business, Let Freedom Reign didn’t even have a name when they approached me to design the bags they would launch their business with. One of my favourite projects to date, I designed multiple bags and helped define their brand.

Automated News And Notifications Icon

ANN Icon

The Automated News & Notifications (ANN) icon was created for a software development project at Bell Mobility. While another designer worked on the UI, I designed the icon that would appear on a user’s desktop or dock.


The opportunity to write is a special treat for me. Aside from my love of writing, sharing what I’ve learned and giving back to a community that is so supportive is an absolute pleasure. Keep an eye out for more of my written work in the near future!